3 must-read books to better your storytelling skills

By Anna Henderson

Storytelling is a skill that must be obtained by anyone working in Business, PR, Communications, and Journalism. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication. Whether it’s creating a brand story, pitching a story to a journalist, or pitching a story to an editor, there are certain skills that must be obtained to capture the attention of your audience. We’ve compiled a list of three books that are must-reads for anyone wanted to better their storytelling skills:

1) A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned From Editing My Life by Donald Miller

Miller previously had written books about unlocking his creativity and spirituality. However he hit a case of writer’s block and his career took a downturn. Two movie producers approached Miller to do a film about his life but he was quickly disheartened when he learned that they had to alter his life story in order for the movie to have direction. This spurred Miller to challenge himself and go make some life changing decisions to enable his own character to develop. This book gives excellent insights into Miller’s writing processes.

2) Story by Robert McKee

Here at MediaHQ we are huge fans of Robert McKee and were lucky enough to sit and chat with Hollywood’s master storyteller last year.  McKee’s ‘Story’ is seen as a Bible for screenwriters, however the ideas and concepts can be adapted to any form of story writing. This book is encouraging for any story writer and provides tips and tricks from one of the industry’s best.

3) On Writing by Stephen King 

This book is part memoir, part masterclass. He outlines certain skills that every writer must have. ‘On Writing’ portrays the story of King, how he went from a struggling writer working at a laundry service to an extremely successful author. King gives great tips for any writer to use in their work.

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Anna Henderson

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