3 Lessons from Edelman’s Philip Trippenbach at #DMXDublin

By Alex Sheehan

DMX Dublin brought over 30 speakers an 800 attendees all passionate about the wonderful worlds of marketing.

Speakers ranged from Nestle’s VP of Digital Pete Blackshaw to Conor O’Flaherty, Ireland’s youngest entrepreneur at just 17 years old.

One speaker that left an impact for us was Philip Trippenbach, digital strategist and senior planner with Edelman’s Digital team.

Philip started off by saying how truly terrifying and terrible the world of communications has become. He likened it to Henry Ford creating the car which was indeed pivotal but also resulted in pollution, urban sprawl and gridlock.

This has to get you thinking about the secondary effects of the communications industry.

Here are three key takeaway points from Philips talk-

People see the news they want to see

Philip used the Edelman trust barometer to show how people consume news. The top three mediums are search, social and TV. Both search and social are based on algorithms, determined by behaviour. Although access to information is pretty much limitless for most audiences the news they consume is becoming increasingly narrower.

People are protecting their attention

As online content grows audiences are becoming more selective. By January this year almost 300 million people were using adblocking software. So now attention is worth money- people are focusing their limited attention on the content they want to see. Advertising no longer has power in attracting audiences, it’s through the content they want to see.

Media bubbles are hardening

Philip suggests the way we break through these hardening bubbles is through publishers and platforms. Publishers are the likes of influencers, media and brands and is where content and ideas come from. Platforms on the other hand are social, search and curators is where content spreads. Each type of publisher and platform can be divided into further categories and these categories can overlap.

Success looks like mix of these categories, such as an influencer, a brand and a media outlet coming together for a project.

Philip also went on to explain the importance of choosing the right partnerships to create a lasting relationship instead of a one hit wonder.

This was just one of the many insightful talks at DMX Dublin. We will be sure to attend next year to hear from the spectrum of speakers from successful start-ups to pioneering global corporations.

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Alex Sheehan

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