JNLR – 3 great business shows


With the JNLR figures finally out, it’s been all business over here at MediaHQ.com. Today we’re looking at the business shows which air weekly on our favorite stations. 

Here’s 3 great ones:

RTE Radio 1 – The Business

The Business airs every Saturday between the hours of 10 and 11am. It’s presented by journalist and author Richard Curran. The Business gives listeners a weekly insight into the world of business and personal finance. It appears that the show is only growing in popularity. According to the latest JNLR report The Business’ listenership figures are up. The radio show is up eleven thousand book on book and forty one thousand year on year.

Newstalk – Down to Business

Down to Business airs every Saturday between 10am and 12 noon. It’s presented by  well-known Irish entrepreneur, Bobby Kerr.  Bobby presents Down to Business in a unique and interactive manner. Down to Business hasn’t made it into the station’s top five shows this year. However, it still maintains a healthy listenership figure.

Today Fm – The Sunday Business Show

The Sunday Business Show unlike it’s competitors airs on a Sunday. It airs between the hours of 10am and 11am. It’s presented by the highly experienced Conall O’ Morain. Conall is probably one of Ireland’s longest serving business broadcasters.  He started his career at RTE before leaving to become a stockbroker and finally returning to broadcasting with Todayfm.

Judging  by yesterday’s JNLR results, it appears that out of these three business shows, it is RTE’s The Business that has achieved the highest listenership.

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