3 companies with top class social media accounts


We live in a world that is dominated by technology and social media. Because of this, establishing and maintaining a great online presence is essential to any successful brand. Engaging with existing and potential customers, selling your brand’s story and creating content that will get people talking are major parts of the PR world. Social media can help with every single one of them. 

With the plethora of platforms and strategies to test out, pinpointing the best social media plan for your business can be a daunting task. However, once you have a clear idea of the image you want to portray, the story you want to tell and have a healthy dose of inspiration, it becomes that little bit easier. This week at MediaHQ, we chose three companies with killer social media accounts to guide you when it comes to mastering the online world.

Innocent Smoothies 

Innocent Drinks are delicious, and their online presence is pretty tasty too. Not only do they produce a wide range of flavours and a large colour variation, their Twitter account is just as colourful and creative. 
Humour is one of the best ways to engage people in general and it is particularly effective on social media platforms. Innocent are well aware of this, and use humour on a regular basis to portray their fun loving brand personality to their online audience. One recurring jest that is worth mentioning is their ‘blue drink’ joke. In response to customers stating that the drink in question is green, Innocent continuously deny it, poking fun at their consumers and themselves in the process. The hilarious twitter thread can be found here
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Making fun of their own company and their employees is one of Innocent’s specialities. We continuously see photos and stories from their offices on their socials. Not only does this offer unique and interesting content for consumers, it adds that all important human element to their social media marketing.
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Popular images and video clips can be used to keep your brand relevant and to increase customer engagement. Missguided know all about this. Their social media accounts are full of popular references with a huge shareability factor, such as Love Island memes that are a hit with the public.  This increases their chances of reaching a wider audience. 
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Missguided also use their social media accounts to locate areas that their brand can improve on. Social media is a pool of opinions, and collecting customer feedback from these platforms has proved very beneficial for their business. For example, when a tweet was released in 2018 in which a customer called for a ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’ section to be added to the site, the creators did not hesitate to act on it, tweeting the customer back within a matter of days. 
This turned out to be one of their best PR moves. Not only did it lead to a massive influx of traffic to the site and a huge increase in media coverage for the brand itself, it showed their customers that their opinion and the quality of the customer service is highly important to the brand. 

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Paddy Power

When talking about top class social media accounts, we couldn’t forget Paddy Power. Summed up brilliantly in their Twitter bio, “Betting and sports news, served with a side of mischief’, Paddy Power aim to inform, engage and entertain its customers. 
Despite being a company involved in the exchange of millions of euro every year, Paddy Power is known to take a more lighthearted and fun tone of voice on social platforms than one would expect. While some of their posts and campaigns have been dubbed controversial, such as the recent Rhodri Giggs fiasco, their daring, witty content is what makes their brand the talking point that it so often is. Much like Innocent Drinks, humour plays a huge part in Paddy Power’s social media strategy, and oh boy, does it work.
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