2018’s top 5 Christmas campaigns

11.12.18 Christmas Campaigns

Each year sees the standard rising for companies creating Christmas campaigns. Some of these stories are a continuation of beloved characters from previous years, others are brand new.

As competition mounts to create the most magical Christmas campaign, we picked out five brands that have crafted the best story using originality, humour and emotion.


Kevin the carrot was first introduced in 2016 and his adventures have carried on every Christmas since, with the introduction of baby carrots this year. As a teaser for this year’s Kevin the Carrot adventures, Aldi released a trailer back in November that was very similar to an iconic Christmas soft drink advertisement…

Leaving us on a cliffhanger with #SaveKevin, Aldi has since released numerous videos with the adventures of Kevin and his fight against Wicked Parsnip.

In the last week, poor Kevin the Carrot has been replaced with Veg Dwight, as Aldi hilariously troll John Lewis and their advertisement with Elton John.

However, all is not lost. Kevin has captured the hearts of the Aldi audience resulting in a shopping frenzy as people tried to get their hands on the giant carrot. He has become a national icon:


Heathrow Airport

In case you missed it last year, Heathrow Airport introduced us to a bear couple who met on a British Airways flight. We follow their journey of falling in love in the airport over the years as they take it in turns to come through the arrivals gate.

Doris and Edward are back this year but this time they’re on a relaxing American Christmas holiday when they realise the sun, food and lack of family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The bears fly home, through the airport, and into the open arms of their relatives. All is right again in their Christmassy world as the bears turn into a human family.

Cadbury’s Secret Santa

Cadbury’s are running a great campaign this year that allows anyone to become a Secret Santa by sending a free Cadbury’s chocolate bar to a loved one. With pop up shops all over the UK and Ireland, the free postal service will allow you to anonymously surprise a friend or family member with the gift of chocolate this Christmas.


The McDonald’s ad this year will certainly get you ‘Reindeer Ready’ and feeling the joys of Christmas. The fast-food outlet is on a similar train to Aldi as their campaign is also carrot themed. This time Santa appears with his reindeers delivering presents to children all over the world. As Santa gets fed and watered at every household, the reindeers become disgruntled as nothing has been left out for them. Santa fears the reindeer aren’t going to make it around the world until the famous golden arches come into view.

With bags of carrots for reindeer treats, McDonald’s saves the day. Furthermore, in the UK McDonald’s are offering every customer a free bag of carrots on Christmas Eve to ensure every household is #ReindeerReady.


Named the most powerful Christmas of 2018, Iceland’s Christmas campaign was actually banned this year. As part of its festive campaign, Iceland struck a deal with Greenpeace to run an animated short film featuring an orangutan. Rang-tan tells the story of the loss of her mother and home due to the destruction of rainforests for palm oil.

The ad is devastating and definitely won’t fill you with the joys of Christmas. However, it’s an important message for people to be conscious of the products they’re purchasing over the festive period.

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