5 Perfect Books for People in PR

02.03.17 PR Books

Happy World Book Day! 

The best thing about books is that there’s one out there for everyone, yes, even PR people like you! 

Can’t find one? No worries, we’ve put together a list of our favourite books that are sure to help you out. 

Put Your Heart Into It – Howard Schultz & Dori Jones Yang

If you’re looking for an inspirational brand story look no further than Put Your Heart Into It. 

This book chronicles the rise of the Starbucks Coffee Company, now with over 25,000 stores globally, with over 40 of those in Ireland. CEO Howard Schultz illustrates the principles that have shaped the Starbucks phenomenon, sharing and imparting wisdom from one of the the most interesting global brands.

On Writing – Stephen King 

This book is part memoir, part masterclass. And it definitely can help improve your standard of writing and storytelling.

King outlines certain skills that every writer must have. ‘On Writing’ portrays the story of King, how he went from a struggling writer working at a laundry service to an extremely successful author. King gives great tips for any writer to use in their work.

Making Ideas Happen – Scott Belsky

To have a genius idea for a campaign, you don’t just need a moment of divine inspiration. You need to unlock the brain’s full potential. This book does just that.

Belsky gives concrete strategies for both realising and creating ideas and for developing the skills to accomplish these ideas time and time again.

The Book of Doing – Allison Arden

Set yourself free and unlock your full creative potential.

Arden has created a book that allows you to forget your adult hangups and instead invites your mind to explore the creative side by offering ideas and activities to help you get back to the more childlike mindset that will help generate ideas for your adult self.

Story – Robert McKee

Here at MediaHQ we are huge fans of Robert McKee and were lucky enough to sit and chat with Hollywood’s master storyteller last year.

McKee’s ‘Story’ is seen as a Bible for screenwriters, however the ideas and concepts can be adapted to any form of story writing. This book is encouraging for any story writer and provides tips and tricks from one of the industry’s best.

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Conor Hawkins